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Specialized in NMR projection experiments and computational NMR. Implementing fast NMR methods in Python, C and Julia using different algorithms.

Broad scientific background in chemistry, computer science and a PhD in biophysics (Thesis: Algorithms for analysis of NMR projections: Design, implementation and applications).

Strong interest in general programing and implementing algorithms from scratch to applications.

Problem solver and trained in analyzing and solving complex scientific problems. Also proficient in unix/linux environment.


Involved in a project analyzing sound signals in kitchen pot devices at University of Gothenburg


Postdoc position at Gothenburg University with prof. Martin Billeter in collaboration with Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Örebro University, Sweden Postdoc position at Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro developing algorithms for protein characterization using fast NMR techniques. Supervisor: Prof. Fabio Almeida. Analysis and prediction on big data for Volvo It


PhD degree, faculty of science, Biophysics, Gothenburg University

Master of Science in Chemistry, University of Gothenburg

Master of Science in Computer Science University of Gothenburg

Teacher degree in Chemistry and Math for high school


Have 10 years experience in programming languages Python and C. Have used Fortran and Haskell as well as Julia. Developed algorithms and GUI for fast protein NMR acquisition and characterization using projection experiments. Develops webpages using python frameworks. Have used Linux the last 10 years. Database analysis of big data using sql and python.


Speaks swedish natively, master english and knows portuguese and german.


Effective problem solver. A large part of my phd consisted of solving complex problems and implement the solutions in the NMR field.

Can implement scientific solutions in a suitable language and also implement GUI.

Develops web based programs using web frameworks.

Adaptable to different cultures and curious to experience new cultures.


Are interested in languages, both spoken and computer languages.

Practice training a lot, likes to stay in shape.

Enjoy traveling; try to travel as much as possible.

Like hiking in the mountains and the forests when time permits

Interested in the world as a whole, interactions, differences and current politics



Arranged together with Prof. Martin Billeter and Prof. Fabio Almieda ”Fast Protein NMR course: Methodology and exercises”, UFRJ, Rio de Janeiro